Where is EROSION and how do I play it?

Hello All- Please clue me in. I have been to EROSION in a custom game I set up for myself, but cant find it in the playlists. I usually stick to CTF and BTB but have looked in OddBall and Regicide and havent seen it.

When the Community Contributions list was up I played a map that had the EROSION tan/khaki color pallette and my stats list one game on EROSION, but I cant get to it??? Too bad. It looks cool.

Erosion is the name of the entire map, one of 3 massive forge environments. It is not directly in matchmaking.

There are several forge maps made using Erosion as a base. To access these maps, you’ll have to find the creater and download the forge variant.

This forge variant will be under the Erosion section of maps in your custom game/forge, under a name the creater gave it.

So the empty map called Erosion is not directly in matchmaking, but there are some forge variants you’ll see that you can download.

Thank you JSA343. forge and map creation are elements of HALO that I know very little about, but I will try to find some of these variants.

Do you know WHY EROSION is not in the playlist rotation?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know particularly why its not in matchmaking, but I can think of a few reasons it might not be:

-Forge maps (those that generate lighting) were not initially introduced into MM at launch, but have slowly been added in recent updates.

-Erosion may not currently fit well in any of the playlists. It’s possible Erosion was made solely as a creative space, and the default map layout it offered doesn’t well represent anything that has a place in matchmaking.

Erosion is not an actual multiplayer map.

The whole map is a forge specific environment, supporting a variety of locations. And with being a Forge map, it is completely empty apart from visuals. There are no objective points, spawns (aside from initial), cover, weapon drops, etc. Its not meant to be played in matchmaking alone.

It has a large forge pallet that allows forgers to make sections (or all) of Erosion into a multiplayer map, adding weapon drops, spawning systems, vehicles, and other visuals.

You can find the true Erosion in the forge menus. But custom games and matchmaking games are played on forge variants, small sections built and expanded by the community.