Where is duel wielding?

Later on in the games seasons, bring back duel wielding

It felt so bad&$@ to go full guns and blazing back in the original halo games. Because the older halo games were bad$&@. Sadly halo has slowly moved away from the classic style of game play people really enjoyed about the halo franchise

So 343, bring back duel wielding and some of the guns like the SMG (from halo 2 and 3), the brute spiker, plasma rifles and more that used this duel wield mechanic.

Also, fix the plasma pistol. Doesn’t track players as much

In the good Halo games

Yeah, you might want to think about who actually created Halo, and who is creating it now before asking for certain things.

There was no dual wielding in ODST or Reach, both of which were Bungie made, and it is decidedly not in Destiny or Destiny 2.

You might want to think about what the original developers did, too.

Duel-wielding muddies the sandbox. No thank you.

Dual Wielding as implemented in Halo 2 or 3 was bad and should stay gone. That being said, I’ve become more open to the concept of dual wielding returning, but it would require a significant overhaul to how dual wielding functions.

Balancing for a dual wield sandbox can be tricky, but I don’t think specific weapon balance issues were ever the real problem, especially when we can look at something like Reach and Infinite and you can just as easily end up with weak sandboxes without dual wielding.

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Just saying, can you show me where I mentioned anything about what Halo they were in or not?

But since you added something extra, I might as well. The original Bungie were gamers creating Halo. This Halo is being handled by a business, not gamers.

There is a huge difference between the two when it comes to creating a game and what 343 did that was created a cash shop.

Fact 1. Dual wielding was cool. Really cool.

Fact 2. It was OP and broke the sandbox. There is a reason it was dropped and never taken up again (or why any other game has really bothered with it since).

Fact 3. Muddying the reasons as 343 vs Bungie or to justify your dislike for 343 just comes across as trite and petty.

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The gunplay of Infinite disproves this notion.

It actually wasn’t OP…! If anything it was underpowered and overly complex for basically no gain.

It was OP in that it essentially doubled your for power. So to compensate they had to nerf the weapons which made then useless to use solo… Which upset the sand box.

My memory was still of players shredding shields at close quarters.

I would be happy if they brought it back for custom games. The community could experiment to their hearts content and maybe come up with a workable compromise.

actually in 3 if you dual wield, The damage of both of your guns will be nerfed to a degree.

Duel weilding made balancing weapons an absolute nightmare…

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343 said it’s too hard to make dual wielding, so they don’t want to. Think about how poorly balanced the games typically are. BR, DMR, Pistol, and now AR, reign supreme in every game. While I’m sure fan devs could easily make a tier list and balance out weapons for solo and dual wielding, with cool weapon mixing interactions, since there are plenty of great Halo fan projects that did exactly that, 343 is… well… unreliable. Look at the state of Infinite, the weapons, the vehicles, the poor nerfed Plasma Pistol. I don’t TRUST 343 to even attempt dual wielding, and balance it correctly, or function correctly.