Where is Doubles?!?!

I get we have Solo/Duos but where is Doubles? Its been a staple playlist in Halo. Sometimes we don’t want to do 4v4 if its just 2 of us, we’d rather do 2v2. Was very surprised this wasn’t in the game on launch, at this point I’m confused if 343 even knows what their doing with the game. We really need Ranked Doubles, I know a lot of the community would play it. This games losing players left and right and they need to do something asap


Lost somewhere with the rest of the content.

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Hopefully it’ll show up in season two at the very latest. Ideally earlier.

I’m wondering if they’re waiting for Forge/more maps so we can have some more appropriate doubles maps. Right now I’d say realistically, Live Fire, Streets and Recharge, Aquarius are only plausible maps for doubles so the map pool is a tad too limited.

Also wonder what variants we might get too with King of the Hill gone and Oddball changed up, I wonder if we will see new any new gametypes too.