I was gutted when i found out Blood Gulch was not included in the remake’s multiplayer map selection. Is there any reason why? It was like the best map and i am furious. I know there’s a similar one in Halo: reach but there’s no banshee and it doesn’t look the same. They also didn’t include Side winder, the snow level with symmetrical bases and a curve in the middle where you battled with out of control warthhogs. It really pisses me off! excuse my french.

I believe it’s because it was remade in Halo 2 and Valhalla in Halo 3 was inspired by Blood Gulch. And as you already mentioned the Reach version, I believe Bungie/343i may feel it has been remade enough throughout the years.

srsly? You don’t think it would be totally redundant to remake a map that’s already in the game?
The reason they didn’t use Sidewinder(or Chill Out) was because they wanted to use maps that hadn’t gotten the HD treatment yet. Oh, and only Coagulation had a Banshee.

I was wondering the same too. That was the best map I’ve played. I always liked playing on Blood Gulch in Halo: CE PC. But I guess they have been remaking the map on what KIMP1028 said

It’s already in the game. It’s called Forge World.

How bout you get on the internet and do some actual research before you buy a game k?

here is Blood Gulch its a 1:1 remake by me !!! :smiley:

Dont have a fit its on halo reach

Frankie SAID that they wanted to do it, but there’s this map, called hemorrhage

Blood Gulch is the most over rated map from CE, it was ok for sniper games and if you had some knucklehead that liked vehicle combat playing with you.

They didn’t remake Blood Gulch because we have Hemorrhage.

They didn’t remake Sidewinder because it was remade in Halo 3, and 343 didn’t want to remake any Halo 3 maps.

OMG Blood Gulch is SOO overrated it sucks compared to other maps. Ands true they remade it so many times alrieady!!

Blood Gulch is the worst map in Halo history I’m glad it’s not there.

I am sort of sick and tired of blood gulch maps. Seriously. D: Hemorrhage ruined it for me.

You people crying about Blood Gulch not being in this game are all stupid. Blood Gulch is already remade on the same server as Hemorrhage.

Blood gulch might be on halo re.ach, but you still can’t play it in anniversary mode with overpowered pistols. So I say it is not already included

These kids are crazy, Blood Gultch is amazing.

But you know what they did have? Hemmorhage. Which is the exact.




Ok. Obviously Anniversary used the Reach engine, because you know, the multiplayer was on Reach. Hemmorage was Blood Gulch basically, and I like it, I see no reason to remake a map that’s pretty much already in the game. It may not be exactly like Blood Gulch since its not a map by itself but instead in Forge World, but its still Blood Gulch.

I really wish they had re-imagined Death Island. IT WAS THE BEST EVER!