where I am at now on all this

Sorry this is much later than I want, but since 343 has a bad website I can only sometimes get on if I use a school computer because I am not going to clear my cookies every time I want to use this site.
ANYWAYS, E3 showed us a whole lot, we see beautiful graphics, we have learned so much more about our Promethean enemies, and we have seen some gameplay footage. First I will discuss what I like and don’t like about what I have seen and then I will talk about what I look forward to seeing soon.
Prometheans: well this is different then what we thought at the end of halo 3, it looks like 343 decided to not make that planet Onyx after all. These new enemies look cool, and so do their weapons. I don’t want to really complain about them because I think they will be fun to fight, but I would like to point out that the watchers, you know the flying things that throw grenades back at you, yea those are called Octabrains in Duke Nukem, just pointing that out.
Multiplayer: well the maps seem nice from what I can see, the assassinations are still in and look great, and it looks(and plays) very different while at the same time feeling like halo. But Killstreaks do NOT belong in halo! I don’t think they will be overpowered so I am not too concerned, but really isn’t it clear we don’t want a COD game?

That being said we really have so much more to see and I would really like to learn a little about the following within the next month or 2:
MORE MULTIPLAYER CHANGES (like killstreaks and new weapons and AAs)