Where have you heard a Halo quote?

Have you ever heard a Halo quote in the real world? The best one’s are unintentional ones… :smiley:

I was in the car with my dad, and my mum took my little bro and sis to the dentists. My dad pulled a hat over his head and said to my mum “Wake me… when you need me…”

I was like ‘whoa!’ and he was like ‘what?’ and I was like ‘nothing…’

Anybody else heard any quotes round lately?

“Step it up Marine”

My friend uses quotes like that when we paintball, Kinda interesting.

“I need a weapon.” Always hearin’ booms over here and somebody always says it afterwards. They aren’t even meaning to copy Halo, just saying it to be funny, lol.

I hear this allllll the time

We have a job to do here.