Where have the maps gone?

Iv’e been playing Oasis all week, thought I’d go and play 4x4 for a bit, where have the maps gone? There’s like no Behemoth, Empyrean or Bazar in quick play :hot_face: Even Streets only has escalation slayer and that’s it.

Please bring back something similar to mcc, new maps being added is a good thing, should be able to play slayer, koth or whatever we want on all maps, not just a selection and things removed


Totally agree. They have announced that a bunch of maps are coming back next week but I can’t find the tweet.


Halo Infinite continues to change. I was very shocked when I learned so many original 343i created maps were removed from Quick Play.

This is strange.
Even thoose good old maps are gone, not missing Launch Site though.
Maybe its true that the servers/UI can only have a certain number of maps and playlists.

I definitely don’t miss launch site, but I miss the well created asymmetrical 1 flag ctf maps like Ivory Tower, Zanzibar, High Ground.

They want to create artificial scarcity so that next season they can go “X and Y map are back!” and everybody goes “oh damn I need to get on!”

At least that’s how the higher-ups think it’ll go. In reality it just makes the game more destitute and lacking content.

That, or it’s another case of game devs thinking the average person needs things that the “pros” do, where they have to “learn” and “practice” the tiny intricacies of maps and don’t want to have too many, as if 99% of players gaf about that, especially in social playlists.

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From my understanding most of the maps are still in the game but were removed from the playlists.
Behemoth is definitely there and has received more cover which allows a smoother play. I think streets and Bazaar might have had some changes, so it is entirely possible that they were accidently removed whilst receiving the fixes.