Where have our playlists gone..?

Team Doubles, Team Snipers, Team Skirmish??
Also why do I have to play 5v5 for CTF and Oddball? I love playing objective games but why isn’t it 4v4 anymore? I don’t want to have to kick someone from the party because I want to play slayer now instead of CTF or Oddball. I would really enjoy a 4v4 Team Skirmish too, having oddball CTF assault an even VIP.

Ditto on the Team Snipers

Team Snipers incoming next week!



The Reach forum is that way ---->

> The Reach forum is that way ---->

You are clever…

So go to the reach forum? Not funny, makes no sense.

I did I big cheer when I saw how the playlists we’re setup in halo 4. I hated having to play game types I didn’t want to play to get to the one I did like in reach. I like being able to play oddball, ctf, king of the hill etc. when I want to.

Mcpenguin who are you talking to and what are you talking about?