Where Have All the playlists gone? :(

So I finally managed to pick up a copy of H3 after the fatal mistake of trading it for Reach (sorry Halo 3), and while I’m still having a blast with the game. I can’t help feeling dissapointed with the face that Team Objective, Ranked BTB AND Squad Battle have all been removed. It just seems like you get hardly any vehicle based/large maps on ranked anymore. Does anyone else miss those playlists? Also does anyone know why they were removed?

When I Came back after playing reach I found that squad battle had gone I wasn’t very happy let me tell you.

The population decrease is disappointing. Played 3 for a while last week and I agree it’s odd to see so little playlists.

That being said, I had much more fun with 3 than I’ve had with Reach in a long while. Love both games, however, but Halo 3 is king!

I was playing it earlier. Everyone was Recon’d or they where the lowest of ranks.