Where has the Scarab gone? Multiplier Map?

Are they saving the Scarab for a potential multiplayer map where the center of it is a scarab we climb through?

Are the banished in possession of scarab?

What would the banished equivalent of scarab be?

I think they need something more than brute choppers and ghosts…

Maybe they have mini scarabs which will function like the elephants in H3?

Scarab campaign DLC where we go to the Scarab production facility and explore how Scarabs are made?

Hidden lore tablets on Scarab driving school?

What covenant species came up with the scarab?

I see this on banished scarabs, “Volatile Scarab - This variant of the Banished Scarab was created after Voridus found infusion gel in installation 01”
So banished have scarab tech?

Voridus has a jet pack so why does the banished AI say brutes never meant to fly?

Where is the Scarab?

Where is the Scarab?

Where art tho Scarab?

I miss you Scarab. Please come back. :frowning:

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