Where do you think Jun went after Halo reach?

I have some knowledge about where he went but I want to clear up what happened to him fully.

Somewhere between escorting and delivering Halsey to Castle base and the following day (First Strike) he left Castle Base (if he ever made it there in the first place).

Jun survived the war and trained spartan III. As of are knowledge he’s alive.

It certainly would be nice to know what happened to him in more depth. Likely as far as Reach went it’s a safe and easy bet that Halsey assigned him to escort the scientists of Castle Base off planet while she stayed behind to initiate WHITE GLOVE.

Though more curious would be knowing whether or not Jun still participated in the Battle of Earth or elsewhere before the war ended, and what the exact causes of his “retirement” were since it seems that unlike Kurt who was still an active officer whilst training the IIIs, Jun is officially a non-active duty consultant for the IV program.