wHERE DID THEY MENTIOn pERKS and load outs??

Can someone show me where in the new ViDoc there is any mention of Perks, Loadouts and character customization that is more than cosmetic?

Everyone is flipping out about it and I seem to have missed the clip where they showed someone selecting a load out or adding a perk or using armor lock.

I saw a couple of clips with sprint but I saw now reference to this ability on the HUD.

Anyone want to help me out?

I’m confused as well. I watched the video at least 3 times and didn’t hear anything about perks.

In an interview with Frank O’Connor

I know its really bothering me, I’ve asked this in three other threads and no one wants to answer me.

Its like everyone wants to fight about this game all the time and never just take a step back and look at what they are fighting about.