Where Did The Infinity MP trailer go?

I saw it this morning, and when I went to try and check it out again, it’s no longer on youtube D:

This is what it says when I clicked a previous link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmOoGucyMNg (The Video Was uploaded by the Youtube channel HaloWaypoint)

Pretty Strange ^^

If you go to halo4nation.com and then click on the video that’s embedded by youtube (it’s the same uploader) it says it’s been removed due to a claim by microsoft corp.


MS claimed Copyright on their own channel?! Seriously!?

Alternative YouTube link

Yeah it’s pretty daft of MS to file a claim against a video that it uploaded itself.

The Video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Microsoft Corporation???

I saw it on the Halo Waypoint app on the XBOX. Pretty good video, they just recapped everything from the last month basically.

But strange they put a “C” at the end of the video (Forerunner language)

Like at the end of the Combat Evolved Anniversary terminal videos!
Check it out! Im currently typing in anything starting with a “C” on the Waypoint app on the XBOX.
Cortana, Covenant, chief…