Where did Spartan Ops Go?

After the update I noticed SpOps wasn’t located under the Halo 4 campaign section anymore. I only took a quick look, but did it get moved to a different menu? I’m on Series X.

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It’s under multiplayer / firefight now.


Does that mean that IF they ever add a Bandana Skull for H4, it won’t work on Spartan Ops due to it being considered “multiplayer” now…?

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Yes its under the Firefight menu. I hope this is an indicator that Matchmaking is going to return to the mode as its considered both Campaign and Firefight put together. But I think the underlying structure to them fits firefight more.


SpOps has been moved to the “firefight menu” Personally I hope that means that it will soon have matchmaking for it but that’s just me :man_shrugging:

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I think it still allows skulls, since firefight has skulls. And you can’t matchmake Spartan Ops right now anyway.

I hope it gets firefight maps.

The mode really need Scoring and Time Systems added to the mode as currently there is no support for it frankly its the only mode in the whole collection like this, this has to change I hope at some point.

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