Where did my map packs go?

On the last day of halo 2 online multiplayer, I was on holliday, but the day before i went, i had every map. I came back from holliday and played Halo 3 instead, until yesterday, when i went on splitscreen, but i found no map pack content atall. I looked at loads of poasts on the internet that were no help, i tried everything that i thought of.
So what I want to know is, does anyone know how I can get my maps back on my xbox 360 without buying the contenet on a disk, or doing something that i shouldn’t that will get me banned by Microsoft.
i downloaded it onto my xbox 360, not an original xbox.
And just if i’m lucky and someone who has the power to do something here, if they think it may be a good idea, and if it has no downfall, then i would like for there to be the DLC for the halo 2 maps on the xbox live marketplace, because thoes maps need to be respected, and need to be played, because I remember how fun they were, how much effort was put into them, but how many people are resricted from playing them.


Please make a DLC of Tombstone and Desolation for the ppl who can’t wait for H2A

Same problem here! The DLC maps were playable for me just a few months ago, but then all of a sudden they stopped appearing on the map list for splitscreen, even though the map packs are on my HDD.

the messed up thing is you can still see them purchased in your xbox market place purchases… I dont mind them taking out the multiplayer, but they threw away what i rightfully paid for… makes me want to watch the US Army destroy the Xbox 360 again…