where can i get a tactical or gunfighter magnum

i have been trying since i got the game a year ago and i am now level sixty is it a level based item or what?

You have to keep opening REQ packs. Your level doesn’t matter, but only the number of REQ points you have available for buying packs. The two you want are Ultra Rare items, meaning they can only be found in Gold packs. However, it’s suggested you open Silver packs until you cannot get any more unlocks from those packs since that will reduce the pool of locked items. Since Gold packs are more expensive, you want to make sure you only get the high-value items (Ultra Rare, Legendary, and Mythic) from each pack you open. A very rewarding and non-predatory system, isn’t it?

oh ok thank you i will make sure that i remember that about silver and gold packs good advice

I have not checked other replies but just keep opening silver packs until you have all common, uncommon and rare req items, from there start opening gold packs and eventually you will get them. (sorry if you already got your answer)

i am deffinately gonna do that because it is what every one is suggesting even though there are over 120 that i would need to unlock and i suck at spelling

Grind Gold packs

thank you all this info is verry usefull

Happy to be of assistance!

Req packs is your only option, and if they’re higher rarity then it’s obviously harder to unlock