Where can I find the Legendary Slayer maps?

Does anyone have all of the custom Legendary Slayer maps on their file share or know how to find them?

To make Legendary Slayer work properly there are custom versions of each of the maps. I can only get Haven, Solace, Adrift, and Abandon to come up through matchmaking. Once I play them I can then save and upload to my file share using the temporary history option.

Does anyone have or know how to get the rest of the custom maps available?

The ones I need are Landfall, Monolith, Skyline, and Shutout.

We’re looking to try the maps on system link/custom games. I’ve tried searching the File Share, Google, and the forum search option but can’t. Oh, I have all the map packs as well so that’s not it.

Thank you in advance for any help.

This is a problem I’ve had for years with getting maps. 343i needs a special file share to keep current maps and game types in for all playlists, for us to download to use in Customs and LAN play.

Sometimes I have to put 2 consoles together with signed in guests just to get the files I need to show up. I need the same maps you need too OP, lol…

Oops, double post.

I don’t, but if no one has them, you could make them your-self if you really wanted to by using these Legendary Overhead Maps by MH Mimic Hat.

Thanks! That link posts to a forum where someone (I think) uploaded to their file shares Monolith and Skyline.

So if that works then that just leaves Landfall and Shutout.

Shutout I can probably figure out and just set it up like Halo 2/Blackout but I have no idea what the weapons should be on Landfall.

Here are the Legendary Slayer map variants:









I tagged them all with “legendary slayer” too. They can also be found in the file share of GT: Tanng Man