Where can I find community made Forge maps?

The last Halo I played was Halo 3. All I had to do was go on Bungie’s site and download the top rated Forge-made maps. I don’t know where to look now that it’s made by 343, but their ‘file share’ is just pictures. Where can I get maps?

Bueller?.. Bueller?..

Sadly the good old days of convenience are gone.

So do you have to be friends with someone who’s made a map to look at their file share?

You just have to get to it from their Xbox LIVE profile, friends or not. So you could private chat someone then go to their Xbox profile and access their file share from there.

Gamertag search on Halo 4 file shares. Or wait until next month until you can search by map name, gametype, etc. etc.