Where can I download Gridball?

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> Original title: So how does Gridball work?

How does Gridball work?
I lost inspiration for forge a while after Reach was released. Couldn’t think of a thing to build. As such I’m not up to date on all the latest forge tricks.
In Forge Cafe 6 there is a gametype called Gridball. It appears right at 7 mins into the video. How does that gametype work?
Also, can someone please link me to where I can download the gametype and map?

This is not exactly the same thing but it has the same idea-

That explianed how it works. Thanks.
I would still like to find a download link though.

You may be able to look it up if you can find out who the map author is, you can go to the file share and download if it’s still there.

Gridball was made by my friend Cookiebubba. He is a member of XForgery, and has many of his maps posted there. In fact, watching the video, a lot of those maps are by guys on XForgery. The first one is mine. (Containment, now renamed Cargo so as to eliminate confusion). Cookiebubba was playing with the haloball gametype and basically realized you can score the floor panels so they disappear.

Gridball Map
Gridball Gametype

There is also his latest map for this mini-game, which is a 4v4. This was made with Zombified Panda, cookiebubba & timmypanic.

Power Plant

Have fun. :slight_smile: