Where can i buy cryptum ?

The weirdest thing happened, i go to a book store in hopes of buying halo cryptumm, guess what the guy says to me !!!

Me: Hi, uhh i wanted to know if you guys had in store halo crpytum.

Guy: Im sorry sir we buy good books, not books that are about (exageration) VIDEO GAMES.

Me: Are you sure, this book is pretty popular, its not really that bad.

Guy: Whos the author

Me: Greg Bear

Guy: Nope sorry never heard of him.

Me: (leaves store)

Now please tell me i missed something or went to the wrong place. I live in Brooklyn, New York. Do you guys think i should try a library, becuase they seem to hardly have anything i ever want.

I need help guys. Book store doesnt work, What will. Im eventually going to have to look to buying it online.

Suggestions ?!?!?!


omg, i asked if i can buy it in any library or just few of em.

lol Amazon can be a library. It may be a virtual one, but a library nonetheless.

Anyway, what bookstore is this? I can name Walden Books, Barnes & Noble… they normally have a bunch of Halo Books. Hell, I’ve seen Walden Books have a huge Halo Encyclopedia.

I saw a bunch a copies in the front of my local Walmart yesterday.

I suggest Amazon i love that place.

I can’t believe that happened to you! I would suggest a different bookstore.

> I can’t believe that happened to you! I would suggest a different bookstore.

i know right !!! they also said that i should check a game sore for the book, im liek wahh ??? Are you guys sure people know about cryptum, becuase to people like that it seems that they think its going to be a dumb book from a video game. Its horrible. thanks for the replies, i live in avenue R coney island, if any one can search up a book store that has cryptum near me, id be happy.

Online’s always a good way to go. I bought mine in a Border’s. Saw one today in a Barnes-Noble too. Seen a few at wal-mart before, but that’s not very reliable in m experience. If you’re having trouble with book stores, I’d say just go with Amazon.