Where are you from?

Hello halo community. I just wanted to talk about from which part of the world you are.

Let us know from which country, or if you are in the US which State to be specific. If you want to talk about yourself and leave your introduction, here is the place!!

Let us know how you arrived halo, how much you love it, and since when you are playing it!!

This is for all halo players because if it wasn’t for you guys halo community would never exist so, give yourself a big wave of claps and please!! If you want, introduce yourself!!

If you want to share your name or anything, it’s all welcome!! Please come and feel free to share with us!!

And if you want to get funny and said you came from another world, let us know xD it’s all acceptable!!

As for me, I’m from Taiwan/Taipei… I’ve been playing halo since I was 8 years old.

My name is Liu Xienghua, I’m 17 years old.

My favorite halo games are MCC halo 5 and Infinite, I love them all!!

Nice to meet you guys, peace!! :v::heart: