Where are the weapons? ...Seriously where are them?

Challenge: Kill one enemy with the Bulldog
Challenge: Kill one enemy with the Comando
Challenge: Kill one enemy with the Mangler
Challenge: Kill one enemy with the bla bla bla…

Been getting challenges where I have to literally look around the map for guns, just to earn some progression (which is horrible, slow and needs improvement but there other topics to talk abou it) Just take a look to gears of war 5, press back (or whatever it’s called now) and you see the map, and your team mates locations, and where is what, hold back you see the scoreboard something close to that would be good.

I know this is not something found in old Halo (Don’t know about 5 didn’t play much of it), I believe in MCC the tried to do something with the map layout but not guns.

I know many would say things about skill and learn the map, n00b, get gud and whatever, good for you (I will eventually remember most placements), this is just for the kind of folks that simply have no idea where things are and are learning, more like a QoL improvement to the game.

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I’ve spent all night looking for the Bulldog, Stalker Rifle, and Ravager and haven’t seen any of those 3 weapons. I did get the commando and mangler kills. those weapons are on most maps. didn’t have trouble finding those weapons just getting actual pvp kills with them while still getting used to them.