Where are the weapons on the maps in Halo 4?

Where are all the weapons on the maps in Halo 4’s multi-player?

Every game I run around these totally empty maps crying missing all my weapons. I don’t like this non-sense of kill a few players, get a choice of a few weapons, power-ups, or power weapons.

  1. You don’t get to truly choose what you get. If the weapons were on map you can go get the one you want, assuming you win the fight for it if another player wants it on the other team.

  2. The maps feel empty without weapons on them.

  3. There is no reason to go to some parts of some maps since there isn’t a weapon or two there.

  4. With everyone having weapons handed to them, there are often too many power weapons in a game at the same time.

I mean weapons on maps is a core part of Halo. Who had the bright idea to get rid of that in Halo 4?

I just want to cry when I can’t go get a new weapon somewhere on the maps in Halo 4. :’( I cry every time.

I wish there were at least loadout weapons on the map for ammo. If you use the Carbine or LightRifle, the only way to get more ammo is to die and respawn with a fresh one, since barely anyone else uses them.