Where are the PC players?

I’ve been using the Halo forge application today and I’m finding no matches (custom games). Where is everyone? Is this game dead. Please add me to play if interested. Longshot V1

I played Halo Forge for a while and there was a fair deal amount of games present almost anytime I visited.

I switch between custom games on Xbox and customs on Halo 5 forge bundle and I usually set up lobbies with others. You can join us if your ever on when we are. Just hmu. The profile I use on PC forge is Actualdeadcat btw…

Thanks. The game worked rather so-so on my non-gaming laptop at 1920x1080 screen resolution, while I thought lower screen reses simply were dissatisfying. I took down antialiasing, shadows, detailed foliage and almost all special effects for the best fluency. The multiplayer connection and gameplay flow were good in majority of cases, though there were maps that gave a hard time, but I heard other players complaints as well couple of times. It is an arena shooter though, which I have short patience with, dominated with sharks, that is, very experienced players. The game has own quirks and requires a lot of pratice. Besides, the narrow field of vision really is a major pain. But the game is for free and it works. On the other hand, it is a big download, which would shy many people away. Unfortunately I simply lack the ambition to try to achieve something in it. Besides, Halo feels kind of off to me, sorry, it is clear to me I do not belong there, nonetheless I took it simply as a shooter when had been giving it a try. But I wish it best of luck, since there are many people greatly enjoying it and it is kind of hope of the XBOX community, with a lot of legacy behind.

Rhey are all dead!!! Da da duu. Nope just kindding i want to get forge on the pc my computer is way more than powerful enough, but i just have to get forge.