Where are the GOOD maps?

Sorry to say, but when you have only 8 maps, I expect quality. I don’t mean to sound rude, but the maps are so sub par when you compare them to the first Halo Wars. I will say, Rift is decent, but all of the others lack that special ‘map hook’ that the older maps were known for in Halo Wars 1. It literally seems like half of the maps are open fields with random hills and crevices just sporadically placed.

I hope the DLC maps are like the ones in Halo Wars 1- Better in every way (Excluding Glacier)

my two cents. To end on a positive note- the campaign mission design and variety was very awesome! loved the tower defense like mission :smiley:

Yeah the maps are not very exciting and are all somewhat similar. The original game had little gimmicks in each map that made them play uniquely.

Totally agree

yea especially the 3vs3 maps were a lot better