Where are the Australian servers??

Its almost 2016 and with xbox spanning across the globe. You’d think that there would be dedicated servers for all countries.
Honestly. Playing halo 5 online with my 1 second grenade throw delay literally gives me cancer. And then to watch a video of someone in the US playing and literally have no lagg at all makes me cry erritime. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

There are australian servers, there’s one in sydney and one in melbourne

Well if they are there, they are not working.

Tell me about it

I cant even play coop without lagg. Its a f****** joke…

I Live in Sydney. I’m never able to get into an online game during the daytime hours. After work at about 7.30 8.00 I’ve never had any problems. I literally sit here all day and have never found any Spartans. This is so frustrating. Any suggestions? My NAT is open on the Xbox settings but I can’t find any halo specific settings.

I don’the any issue other than the occasional lag, but the grenade throwing delays KILLS me.Also my REQs don’t load and are inaccessible in warzone, anyone else getting that problem?