Where are my premium req packs?

I bought Halo 5 Digital Deluxe Edition in October, downloaded Warzone REQ Bundle, but got 0 premium packs since the launch! What’s the problem? How do I get my packs/money back?

Can someone please help this guy out? I’ve tried to help him on another forum and sent him here for further assistance.

Did you download them? You have to download them if you did then just call microsoft

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I dowloaded them. Any other advices, please?

i am having the exact same problem, i pre-oredered it from game so i got spartan locke armour and rampant visor and stuff, i typed in the code, it only gave me the armour and visor, NO PREMIUM PACKS !!!, its been like 4 weeks and still nothing, as you can probably tell im being patient with this, if i still have nothing by the 7th week im probably going to go mad

Me either, they just don’t show up, but on my 6 year old account, we logged in one time and boom two war zone packs, three weeks my main still hasn’t received one set of packs, but my son’s gets them every week, so I though maybe I had to buy the pack for each account, went to the store, and nope, It would not let me order the war zone bundle again saying I already own it. 343 Please fix warzone req pack PLZ!

Wow. Absolutely incredible.

First off, check and make sure you have the bundle downloaded. Go into the games and apps page and find the game. Once you found it hit the select button and go down to manage item. Whether its downloaded or not it should show up on that page somewhere. If not then I suggest calling Microsoft service.