where are my halo limited edition req packs

Hey guys,

brought the halo 5 special edition xbox one, pre downloaded the game and entered my req pack codes for the special armor, however when i loaded the game it was nowhere to be seen? Where have my downloads gone? how do i get the limited edition armor

Also if an xbox shares multiple accounts will i be able to get the special edition downloads on both accounts?

If someone could also explain how rec packs work as well that would be great as ive open loads but dont have any different armors, visor colours or perminant items ect

Not sure for the first one contact Xbox Support. As for the second question no, no you don’t. I set my account on a friends xbox to give them Halo and they didn’t receive any packs like that. For the last one, Halo uploaded a pretty good video explaining the REQ system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN_tD5y6k6s

If your talking about the Warzone premiun packs you get 2 Per Week for 7 weeks

I`m having a similar problem. When I bought req packs at my local game stop, when I put in the code then got on halo 5 their wasn’t anything waiting for me.

Go to “manage” and check, if it isn’t, try doing a hard restart by unplugging the power cord to the xbox for 60 seconds and then reconnect. This should show them.