Where are all the Sandbox purists now?

For years (basically two decades) a common and overused argument was the sandbox “purity” argument. Why is Halo 3 not the best Halo? because its sandbox has too much redundancy. Why is Halo 4/5 not good? Again, too much redundancy. Now we go to 2021 and 343i have made the least redundant sandbox in Halo history, yes, even less redundant in my opinion than CE was.

Yet I don’t hear anyone praising this game for this…

Sandbox purity at its core is a solid concept, however, there is ZERO evidence that it does anything besides hurt a game. Infinite looks awesome, but honestly its a bit boring/unfun compared to Halo 5’s crazy amount of weaponry. Often sandbox “purity” is just used as an excuse to hate on any Halo that isn’t CE, ignoring the fact that Halo has always had tons of redundancy and that the most popular Halo (Halo 3) was no exception to this.

Another example of people needing to be careful what they wish for… Halo Infinite could’ve been unbelievable in terms of its sandbox, boasting all the cool weapons/vehicles from 5 plus the new banished stuff, now we are just left with a sandbox that lacks depth and replayability.


Please don’t bring them into this mess LMAO. The last thing we need is for another group to come out of the woodwork to complain.


It’s a live game ha. They’ll almost definitely be bringing more maps, weapons and equipment in over time.


Too few weapons is better than too much, because it’s easy to solve. I really hated how un-creative weapons in H4/5 were. H4’s Forerunner weapons were just glowing orange human guns. Halo 5 had too much weapons, and they all were uninteresting.

Infinite sandbox is way better, because each weapon really feels unique. And apart from the classic Shotgun, Fuel Rod Gun and CE’s Plasma Rifle, I think the game has a complete arsenal right now.

As for vehicles, only the Wasp sucks, like everything from Halo 5. It’s just a UNSC Banshee, instead of the muli-seats Hornet and Falcon that felt more unique.


Oh god, inb4 CE fanatics start dropping words like “unforgiving” and “punishing”


@Thee_Bluejay See what you did??? You brought them into the picture. Now I have to listen to people making sense when I don’t want them to. In all seriousness the lack of guns in this game is disturbing and the new ones are horrible. Can we please go back to the over-inflated sandbox now? :confused:


I do think they did an excellent job with weapon balancing. I want to see some of the old weapons like shotgun and plasma rifle come back, but I do think the weapon sandbox is pretty great.


ok… how?

You do realize that adding weapons is more difficult then almost anything else right?

Plasma Caster, Hyrda, even things like the weird Hunter turret or the odd variants of weapons. Yeah so boring compared to like a dozen weapons…

You are uninteresting. There, I said it.

So you apparently don’t know how to use the Wasp I take it?

Besides, the fact you don’t trash the Chopper even though its just a poor man’s Ghost shows just how badly you understand the game.

Edit: Also, sticky detonator gets no love. Forgotten gem.


If you play competitive (Ranked) its not a big deal, as we are used to having very few weapons there, but in BTB/Campaign its a huge disappointment. I want to use a wider array of weapons to melt my enemies with. I want more enemy variety then what we have seen so far (Prometheans were cool, though overdone)

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343 where like “haha okay. We will remove any weapon that isn’t unique enough. . . Including bungie era”


yeah they can’t bring back OG magnum because its too similar to Sidekick, they can’t bring back OG shotgun because its too similar to Energy Sword.

They basically can’t do anything actually fun whatsoever.

Edit: Sandbox purity is an extremely limiting design philosophy, that is my point.

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Fuel rod cannon? I don’t know. That just looks like a alien rocket launcher to us.

Too similar to Cindershot, thus is unfit for the pristine and perfect sandbox of Infinite.


Having redundant/useless weapon just made the game fun. And worse of all it’s negatively affect the campaign, we don’t have the spiker nor brute shot because of it. There not a single plasma rifle alternative for the banish to use nor a traditional sniper rifle which will make the campaign sandbox especially small and boring imo


The Factions of Halo, By DarkHaven410.

I agree. Not a fan of the new weapons at all.


It’s harder to delete weapons because people will complain, but adding more weapons down the line is a better choice because you have more time and feedback. Quality over quantity.

The Hydra isn’t very interesting. It’s just a mix of a shotgun and a rocket/grenade launcher. All the Forerunner worked like human weapons. Halo 5 was quantity over quality.

You don’t have arguments so you just try to make fun of me.

The Wasp is just a human Banshee: they’re both aircrafts usable by a single person with high fire power and mobility. But UNSC vehicles are supposed to be more about teamwork, hence why the Warthog, the Scorpion, the Mongoose, the Hornet and the Falcon are all capable of having passengers.

The Chopper and the Ghost are actually different. The Ghost is more mobile, it’s faster and can turn quickly. The Chopper is heavier and slower, it’s harder to turn but to compensate its weapon is a bit stronger and it can ram vehicles.

Okay, I’ll admit that I always preferred H4’s Sticky Detonator to Reach’s Grenade Launcher.


What are you talking about? From what I’ve seen, people love Infinite’s sandbox.


because all of the weapons aside from the AR are worthless to pick up. The sandbox isnt even worth using.


Honestly, the only good thing about a small weapon sandbox is that it’s easier to balance. I don’t think for a second 343 doesn’t plan on bringing back a ton of weapons and adding completely new ones. I think the real goal is to get this small pool of weapons balanced properly, and then add more later.

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