where are all the RP boosts

Why is it that any RP boosts are so scarce now? I used to get them frequently now its all XP Boosts and Gambits. Might get one RP boost every 10 reqs I open. Does this happen to everyone else?

No i had tons of rp boosts. Im unable to get xp boosts tho, i wish we could trade lol

I haven’t noticed that some boosts appear more often than others. However, it can happen that there is no single RP boost in 10 REQ packs because the REQ system is based on coincidence. Nevertheless, I wish you luck to get some of those RP boosts.

Yep, they are veeery rare. You can buy close to 20 gold packs and get like 5-7 rp boosts. I did this maths like three times. (boost in wz)

XP boosts likely have a higher drop rate since most people are trying to level up.

I hope they can bring back the legendary xp boost packs.

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> I hope they can bring back the legendary xp boost packs.

They’re always available in the Microsoft store, you just need a link to buy them (real world currency only)

They’ll rotate back in game at some point for sure, with infinite being delayed I think some Halo 5 XP would help make everyone a bit happier