Where are all the maps and gamemodes?

Is this seriously the only gamemodes and maps we will be playing for the first 6 months?
No FFA, no Snipers, no Swat, no Infection, not even regular team slayer? The maps are good but there are way too few

The game plays really wel but is severely lacking in content. The battlepass progression speaks for itself.
and the free side of the battle pass is litteraly 2/3 challenge swaps lol, i mean come on …

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You do realize this is just a beta till the full game comes out on December 8th, right? :thinking:

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You realise this is the full content which will be launched on December 8th as 343 said right ?

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exactly you can use them on custom??? where are the playlists?

Yea for six years in development there is only one good BTB map, all BTB maps are in the same biome and there needs to be more arena maps. This is a AAA title releasing with very little multiplayer content and it’s a fair criticism.