Where are all the good maps?

Halo 4 has so much potential.
Why is Haven the only good competitive map?
Solace comes in 2nd place, but Solace aint that great.
The BTB maps are pretty good ill give it that.
Why is the Carbine so weak? It was one of the best weapons in H2 and H3?
JIP should only be for the Social Playlist
Where is the ranked play list for the competitive scene?
When I save a clip in my recent game footage why does the announcers voice disappear?
The BR takes 15 shots to kill, shouldn’t it be 14 shots to kill with more spread? 4 shots less accurate than DMR.

The DMR is fine but shouldn’t such a powerful long range weapon have a lil more kick?
The Thruster pack, looks really good. But doesn’t do much good, why isn’t it like the campaign?
H4 is a great game, Nothing is perfect in this world, but in this world we have title updates. So I hope 343 makes the right changes to grow the Halo community socially and competitively .


I like adrift map, unfortunelly nobody likes it and I can never play on it -.-

i miss the classic maps like

battle creek

Fast pace maps with lots of angles, lots of shortcut jumps and what not.

Well, Solace is the only map I really have proper fun on. The fact that it’s perfectly sized and symmetrical makes it infinitely more balanced than any other map in the game. I get a real classic feel from it. Of course, this is just my opinion.

The “good maps”, as you put it, are there, it’s just nobody votes for them. They’re too busy jerkin’ it over Ragnarok and Haven.


Agreed on most parts especially the competitive skill rank. Support this thread for a full skill ranking system- https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst135168_1-50-Competitive-Skill-Rank-CSR--MUST-READ.aspx