Where and how do I go about reporting players using bots to prevent AFK?

So I am getting into teams that have one or more "players’ just using bot programs to keep from being kicked. They move in patterns (forward 2 steps, left 2 steps, back 2 steps, right 2 steps type of thing) and don’t actually “play” the game at all. They are just moving to prevent being kicked and to attract attention of enemy fire to kill them (because obviously the kicker isn’t going to kick someone for just dying a lot, right?)

Meanwhile, they just sleep and farm 50xp a match.
Gotta put an end to this - now - so gameplay is actually as planned, you can’t expect a 4v4 match to be ‘fair and fun’ if 2 of your team are bots doing circles.

I believe you can report players right here on waypoint. Under the main menu, check out the Support page and I believe there’s an option for you.

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Halo Support > Halo Safety > Player Reporting

PC, manually enter all details

yes but doing this is fully manual nothing is autofilled, which disencentivises people from reporting.

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I wouldn’t even bother. If they can’t add an in-game system to report/flag players, then why bother?

Your wanting us to spend time OFF THE GAME to report game problems. That is a flaw in the system. I don’t even remember half the names I see afk/botting afk to prevent kick, even screenshots I take I don’t bother going back to, because why bother?

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Auto key clicker is the new rubberbanding your toggle sticks to afk huh? Idk why they don’t just idle in FFA or Bot Bootcamp if they’re just sleeping XP. I hate being matched with people running in circles or straight, but auto key tapping is new. Haven’t seen that, but I believe it

Ive seen it when players join in. immediately crouch, then melee, then move in a pattern that puts them right back where they were (2 steps forward, 2 steps back, etc) and then repeat. It’s annoying, but until there is an IN GAME system to report… I won’t bother taking the time.

Player reporting on Xbox is a complete clusterf***.

It opens the Edge browser because there is no quick report function by selecting common exploits/cheating - like EVERY OTHER GAME on Xbox.

Little good that does in game.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any way to report players in-game. If there is an issue serious enough I would assume that regular waypoint forum users would be comfortable enough with the waypoint site to come here and use it’s reporting function. That’s why I mentioned it.

I view their gamercard via the postmatch screen and report them that way, it takes 10-15sec. I don’t know why yours is opening edge, that’s odd

there is no way to report in game.

you have to take time out of game, play, and enjoyment, to load up their Xbox profile, to report that way - and that honestly doesn’t do anything.

So congrats, all you can do is ignore them. 343 never thought about how “players play” only how they expect them to play. Make a bad game, get bad players.

The game should have never been Free2play, there is nothing you can do to stop this or cheaters at this point. Ban them? Psh. they will just get another account. it’s not like it’s hard to make new email addresses and fake info.

Their “official” way is through a long winded report system that takes too much time to actually care to do the work FOR them :

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Forget about bot programs that move in patterns. Lately in over half my matches I’ve had a completely idle player on my team that doesn’t move at all and is just a free kill for the entire game. Ridiculous that this is still a problem after all these years.