Whens the crashing getting addressed?

literally every other game it just closes fully to desktop, no warning no lag prior, nothing. Did in ranked yesterday 3 times straight, other times i can get a solid 5 games in then back to crashing. It’s always off the first respawn, the respawn effect starts to play then just closes to desktop. Is this getting addressed or we just gonna have this unplayable version and avoid ranked since theres no rejoin match option?


we’re at 9 now and still counting, cant rejoin any games either, “lost” 3 games of ranked and demoted twice because of it

I will crash maybe 2 times a night on my last gen xbox but wait till you lose all your game audio. I have been playing for 2 days now with no audio in game. I tried literally everything and nothing works. Maybe there waiting to sell it back to me in the store jk.

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now we’re at 12 crashes, 4 straight this time, caught a temporary ban for “leaving” matches too. Your trash game was uninstalled, will never be reinstalling until it is confirmed to be fixed.

Thanks for the support btw, reddit, twitter, email, here, support tickets, not 1 response but you’re real interactive and listen to your fans huh. Real professional dev team you got.