Whenever i end a game or round, it freezes

So i made this awesome map, i can edit it in forge and end the game no problem, but whenever i load it in custom games and play one round, when it says “round over” it will fade black and STAY black. i cant open the xbox menu, it also freezes for anyone else playing with me. I made the map using a modded map with unlimited walls, BUT i only used about 25% of the walls (not wall collosiums, regular “walls”) and since i can end the game in forge, its so very confusing, i tried deleting a few unessisary objects but it still freezes. It also may be because my xbox is 6 years old, one more thing, it’s NOT the disk, because i tried another reach disk and it stil froze. lol confusing

LOLNVM i fixed it, i just replaced the intricite ceiling with plain old wall collusiums! YAY science!

how do i delete my post?

You cant delete posts. You can only edit them. You may ask one of the Montitors to delete it if they have that power.