...when you revive....

So, I was watching random videos on YouTube, and noticed this one in particular…
It is an official released video, not game play from anyone, or spoiling anything for anyone.
At the time in this video, where I linked you to, you will notice that both the reviver, and the revivee receive an over shield. Now, it seems to go down quite quickly, lasting maybe 5-6 seconds since it didn’t last fully and I couldn’t count the time. But it just seemed to be something I have not read yet on the forums, and something I wanted to point out.

Its like Destiny’s revive system. When you get a teammate up you get a quick over shield that protects you from getting creamed after you get picked back up (say an intense firefight). The shield gives you enough protection to get out of the firefight (hopefully) but doesn’t last like a regular overshield because people would abuse that (I think).

Maybe it’s only available on lower difficulties.

I’m not sure, I just thought that it was something that should be pointed out, seeing as how I haven’t seen it mentioned before.

I think it’s a good idea.

I’d be worried if it was a standard overshield, but the rapid drain means it’s only there to prevent you from getting spawnkilled.

Cool find.

As Ramir3z77 said, should help from being “spawnkilled” to often, specially on higher difficulties.

I actually noticed that brief overshield too when the b-roll footage released. But as others here have said I figured it was just there to prevent death-on-spawn. And since nobody seemed to be talking about it I figured either everyone else came to the same conclusion, or simply it was just not a big deal. You’re right though in that they haven’t specifically mentioned that was a part of the revive system. Doesn’t bother me though. I think its duration is short enough to get players up and help those doing the reviving not get completely wasted trying, but not enough to give them any kind of actual advantage.

Hmm, I guess I noticed the glow before during Sunaion E3, but overlooked it. I didn’t think to much of it in B-Roll either, nice find.

After playing the horrendous multiplayer Co-Op mode of Mass Effect 3, where reviving a teammate can be a death sentence in a lot of scenarios, I am very glad they are putting overshields for Halo 5’s Co-Op.

They said this in a video/article/interview before, not sure where though. It’s a good thing more people know about it now.