When you first saw it....

…what did you think the story was?

Lets go back a few hours, the first time you saw the trailer what did you think the story of this game was when Master Chief was revealed?

My original thought was that Chief was on a destroyed Earth, Didact had won and the “sand” was basically the ash/dust of the world. Chief was the only survivor and because of his failure he remained on the Earth to endlessly wander, fighting the remaining didact’s robots to redeem himself to Cortana. Since there is no one around to help repair his armor he wears the rope to protect it from the dust and has a cracked mask as battle scars.

Of course after coming here people say its M.Bias, from the books. Shame I never really read the books. =/

I was expecting the first sentence of this thread to be “…were you blinded by its majesty?”

It can’t be Earth because of the orbiting planet-like rock in the sky.

My thoughts when Chief was revealed was all like "KASBVLaFJKVBSHLaDSVBHSDKV CHIIIIIIIEF ='D "