When you buy Halo 4...

What will you do first? Please specify if other.


Stare at the box art

Taking my brother with me to the midnight launch and staying up all night to beat the Campaign

campaign of course!

Watch FUD While I wait for the game to install
then campaign

> Watch FUD While I wait for the game to install
> then campaign


Take off the wrapping and open the case.

my step by step list:

  1. go to forge
  2. Look at the 3 forge maps and choose the one i wnat
  3. look around the Map
  4. spawn something and pay around with it for a few seconds (to know how forge works in H4)
  5. Spawn all the vehicles
  6. Drive all the vehicles
  7. fire all the vehicles weapons
  8. Spawn a Spartan Laser
  9. Blow up all the vehicles
  10. Sign a guest in
  11. Assassinate my Guest 50 time
  12. quit game
  13. start campaign on normal


Likely legendary solo campaign.

Forge is the ninth voting option

I shall be working the midnight at my Gamestop, after wrapping up 4 of us will run through the campaign on Legendary!

Can’t wait.

i wont be getting mine till christmas, but i still have it planned out.
-Open halo 4 at midnight
-(if i get LE) unbox and take a quick look at everything
-pop in the disk and start heroic solo campaign
-Finish mission 1 and possibly play some of mission 2, then go to sleep
-wake up at like 6-7am
-go on forge and test all the weapons and vehicles
-continue campaign until i beat it
-occasional war gamees with bro for fun
-Start spartan ops once campaign complete

Install game then play campaign on legendary.

INSTALL, THEN LEGENDARY SOLO OR COOP. THEY SOME WAR GAMES AND S-OPS. I do not know why I just wrote that all in caps.

I’ve always chosen to play each game on Heroic. Playing anything easier first time through is just that, EASY. I want to feel some kind of challenge when playing for the first time. I do this solo first of course.

After that, Spartan ops with my team, then War Games.

Then it will be a good mix of all three, just as I did with Reach. I prefer to be a well rounded player than a multiplayer specific gamer or campaign only.

This go around, I’m not going to worry about getting the achievements so quickly. They’ll be easy enough over time to get, no need to rush. Well, that is of course, unless there are some significant upgrades tied into the achievements. Then I’ll have to “try-hard”.

Gonna start on Normal first. I like slowly defeating the campaign so I’ll play a satisfying amount and then take a break from it to play some multiplayer for a bit then switch back. I usually do this with any game that has multiplayer. I like making the campaign feel as along as possible lol xD

Heroic Solo. The way it should be.

Check out the armors for the spartans than jump into campaign for alittle bit and go check out multiplayer. Then jump into spartan ops.

Sit there looking at the LE whilst giggling wildly, waking up the fam. Actually i giggle right when i get in my car after picking it up because no-one can hear me.