When will you go "dark"

I have been thinking about this a lot in 2010 the build up to Halo Reach killed my experience I love Reach I still play it (Proof I still play: They just released three new invasion maps from forgeworld) I have all the map packs but I got so hyped up with all these rumours and everything that I felt like I knew what was going to happen in the campaign . Like on Long night of Solace I waited to assassinate the elite when he throws the Marine. Not saying Reach was bad I give it a 9.3/10 but me reading too much about, and watching the first level at midnight Sep 14, 2010 I killed the hype so I wonder should I go dark? Will you go dark? If so when will you go dark?

I will not. Halo Reach wasn’t spoiled for me at all. I just stick to official trailers and gameplay videos from trusted organisations.

I’m going dark right now. After E3 nothing needs to convince me to get the game now. I really would love the campaign to be as much a surprise as possible. ( I wish i didn’t see the Prometheans.)

I said I would go dark one month ago… 6 hours later I clicked on the McFarlane Toy leak… yeah, so much for going dark. My curiousity gets the best of me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

and you said you play Reach still and your proof is 3 new maps in Invasion… obviously you’re a liar: there’s 4 new maps ;D

I won’t

I’ll be going dark from November 1st until I finish the campaign.

Darnet! Oh you caught me jk I do play.

I doubt 343i will continue to release info about the campaign. I think they understand that we want it to be non spoiled and fresh upon release. As for MP footage, not much to spoil there I’ll watch that regardless. But with all the info we’ve been shown so far I doubt much more info will be released later.

Master Chief voice

“I won’t.”

> Master Chief voice
> “I won’t.”

Arbiter voice

“were it so easy”.

Ha, seriously though, I’m a bloody sucker for spoilers. I don’t mean to I just stumble upon then and can’t help but look. I’m hoping for a couple months in advance of going dark.

> Master Chief voice
> “I won’t.”


As soon as any leak happens. I learned after Reach.

> As soon as any leak happens. I learned after Reach.

Remember Reach

> Not saying Reach was bad I give it a 9.3/10

obvious troll is obvious

When I die.