When will they fix their game? H5

The game has been freezing since launch between matches at random times. I can go 1 match then it freezes or all day without. I’ve uninstalled the game multiple times thinking it can be something wrong but just realized That YOUR CODING IS BUGGED and you need to fix it.

Game: Halo 5 Guardians
Issue: Game freezes between matches
Solution: Developers fix game?

Ps. Since you guys (343) got halo, I’ve rarely seen any if all fixes to issues regarding the games. At least fix this one since Infinite isn’t out yet.

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No, I will do what 343 refuses to acknowledge to people who are on the forums complaining. Until they prove otherwise or say otherwise, I literally read on Twitter from an engagement lead or employee they are not actively putting in any effort for this game anymore because of Infinite. Everyone understands the need for that to occur, but at the same time, the ranked games should go away. All of the issues that people have been talking about and whatever else is not reported is running rampant.