When will the servers be fixed?

Its been a couple months now so I guess its time to ask: When will the servers be fixed? This game is not enjoyable because of the inconsistent servers, and quite honestly after three months post-release glitches and bugs should be dealt with by now. I think it is obvious this game is bleeding players, and its a shame because this game is fundamentally great, however, players, myself included, are leaving this game because it is annoying to get 40 minutes into a game only to disconnect.
This post is directed towards admin staff, devs, and other people connected to the game because I really, REALLY, want a definitive answer so I can return to the game when the changes are made.

The server connection is the main reason I have started to play a lot less. I have had far too many matches with the game being decided purely on a connection basis.

The last 2 weeks I have only had a couple of dropped matches due to server issues. BUT today the HW2 matches are dropping constantly one after another! This is a SERIOUS Issue that needs to be fixed permanently! WE (your customers) paid for the game and we are also paying a monthly fee, etc. What is going on with the servers dropping matches? It makes NO SENSE why there would be just a few problems for a couple of weeks and now we are back to having one dropped match after another! When people spend their money they expect to get a product that works like it is suppose to but this game is NOT working properly on a consistent basis. Too many issues, bugs and problems and whoever is in charge of getting this game working properly better get on the ball and fix it ASAP! If not many people may be getting their money back from one time purchases to monthly subscription fees, etc

I love the game when it works properly but that is not very often unfortunately. And another thing… Why do the server’s put us in what I call the spinning mode? After playing a few matches the search area spins and two players will find a player but the third one won’t on a 3v. The third players search area just spins and then eventually the search goes back to trying to find a match for all 3 players. At this point the search does not work at all and everyone has to leave the game and come back in to try to get the search area to work properly. That makes NO sense at all! What is up with that issue? It all seems to come down to pathetic server problems if you ask me!

No server issues here - level 48 too, ton of game hours

I find it odd how there are some people that do not experience dropped matches. Not sure why that is? But most people do seem to be having this serious problem and it screws up ones ranking during the 10 match games at the start of each new seasons. Fortunately during my solo ranking this season I had only 1 dropped match and I ended up with Diamond 2. But this server issue that is effecting so many people must be fixed ASAP!

The beatings will continue until morale improves.