When will the Halo 5 Campaign and Forge be ported to the MCC?

I know that there are no official plans by 343 to do it, but I thought that they could outsource the porting job to another development studio. And I also know that the campaign sucks, but I feel it to be necessary to include with the rest of them for the simple reason of having the entire Halo story before the dawn of Xbox Play Anywhere in one place, which is what the MCC is all about. As for the multiplayer, IMO that can honestly be delayed or never released at all, since almost everyone either plays 3 or Reach anyway.

343, If you respond to this thread, I’m actually down to do the porting job for free in my spare time (My main focus is making the public concept demo for my first game in UE5), since I just graduated Full Sail University for game Design, and the game is made with UE4 which is my engine of choice.


Halo 5 shouldn’t be added to MCC. It should be a standalone port, jamming it into the MCC would be a train wreck and introduce more headache than it’s worth.


If Halo 5: Guardians is to come to PC, it should be added a separate port rather than be added to the Collection which is fragile enough as it is.

Well I personally think there there could be so many more amazing pieces of content that they could add to the MCC that would be better and easier to implement than just adding Halo 5.
However, if they ever where to add it, I think it’d have to be optional DLC, like H.3:ODST and H.Reach. Also, the forge wouldn’t make sence of there was no multiplayer, yet if they brought along the Halo 5 Campaign I don’t think that’d be too bad
Yet again, I think that adding Halo Wars 2 would be more important than adding Halo 5, so, this could just spiral out of control and the MCC would without a doubt become a buggy mess again.

The last time I checked, the official statement is that a transfer of Halo 5 to PC is not in planning.

If they were to ever port Halo 5 to MCC, I would want that to be after they’ve completely finished everything that needs to be done on MCC. However, after they’ve finished everything that needs to be done on MCC, I wouldn’t mind them to adding Halo 5 to MCC. But definitely not right now or anytime soon.

343 have alredy confirmed Halo 5 is NEVER coming to MCC. Their statement was “After Halo 4 comes to MCC PC no new games will be added to MCC.” or something along those lines.

Probably never, maybe the games releases for pc, in the future, but i think it will never be ported to MCC

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Despite my personal feelings of the game, I do agree it should be ported to PC. However, I Don’t think it should come to MCC for a few reasons.

MCC brings the old Halos to modern machines. and spite not being on PC Halo 5 is already on the latest and greatest.

they could not realistically include it due to just how complicated the rec system made the UI. they would have to port the whole system to MCC and if they added Microtransactions to MCC people would throw a fit and they would break a promise they made

if they only ported the campaign but not the MP people would be upset.

While 1-4 do have their own spin on the sandbox Halo 5 is not just a change in weapons/vehicles but in movement as well in terms of the spartan abilities. IMO it should stay out for how different it is.

all in all yes it should come to steam. just not in the MCC


I would like to see Halo 5 as a separate game and not in MCC for PC.