When will the bug fix update come out???

I saw that 343i mentioning after the release of Halo Wars 2 they are going to work on Fixing the Master Chief Collection. I have seen videos recently of all the bugs, and things that are still wrong with the game. I understand 343i is only one company, but whenever you make something and it doesn’t work you must commit to it. Not push it away. I still can’t join Custom Games when a game is already in session, and some things in Halo 3’s forge is broken. Some forge objects can’t be placed on maps, or picked up to move them to where you want them to go. I understand that HW2 is a new game, and it is being focused on, but can some of that focus go to MCC? (For future reference, don’t remake something if you don’t have a big enough team/studio to do it. Most games that are remade are done by different companies. Example, MWR.)

343i just took our money and ran. They won’t fix it, they’re trying to ignore it, there only focuses are Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5 Guardians.

There probably won’t be another update. I would like one final update before they fully abandon it that adds a custom game browser with join in progress, but they already abandoned it.

One Final Effort would be well appreciated after all, the Master Chief Collection is probably one of the best gaming deals in the history of Halo. If they are tight lipped about this perhaps with the release of the Xbox one x they may incorporate support leading to a big update who knows.

Haha, don’t count on it. We can’t even get a simple Halo CE 4v4 playlist for 3yrs now, and that would literally take 5 min to setup and turn on. So don’t count on a single update for this game.

I cant wait for the big bug update (if 343 can keep there promise). I just hope that they can also make the servers run a bit faster too for bugs because the servers are as slow as 343 industries making an update.

still find it funny that this game is in the top 40 most played on XBL, considering the games state.
If this had some TLC, it would have more players than Halo 5, I think 343 dont want that.
MCC was majority bungie game and 343 basically compiled it into garbage.

At this point I don’t think we are getting one. Although I still have a tiny bit of hope, especially from ske7ch saying that the team hasn’t forgotten about the MCC.

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> At this point I don’t think we are getting one. Although I still have a tiny bit of hope, especially from ske7ch saying that the team hasn’t forgotten about the MCC.

Ske7ch definitely gets my hopes up just for acknowledging it, I really think there will be an update, but 1 update wont fix all the bugs, it needs at least a handful to get it running properly.
Although, I wouldnt mind them working on 1 big patch, and bringing it out as with no announcement

I would absolutely love to see an update but because 343 refuses to acknowledge the game (with the exception of ske7ch) we’re left in the dark.

MCC deserves to be fixed completely (properly working ranking system, game crashes, etc.) and I certainly hope 343 has at least one update left in them. Halo’s longtime fans deserve that, and some.

343 and Microsoft were hoping everyone would forget about the MCC and move onto Halo 5 when it released. Obviously they failed as many of us classic Halo fans are still angry. I was so hyped when I learned Halo 2 online play was coming back through the MCC. I will never forget how they turned the MCC into a dumpster fire and ruined Halo 2’s return party. This is unforgivable in my opinion.