When will the abysmal PC performance be addressed?

I find it hard to understand how the highest end rig on the market is struggling to maintain 100 fps at 1440p on medium settings, the game runs terribly and it’s even worse for people who can’t afford a high end PC. The performance has been the same since the last beta and nothing was improved, when will this be addressed? Do we really have to beg for things like this in the current day and age?


The optimization on the PC is really awful and I really hope a fix comes out in the future. Because 343 wrote that Infinite is predominantly a PC game.

There’s no way they’re going to leave it the way it is. The game doesn’t even have a full screen mode…


The game is missing so many PC features I’m starting to think 343 doesn’t understand the PC ecosystem one bit, they said the game was built from the ground up for PC but just the UI is literally a console UI.


yeah. i mean… look at most now a day games. terrible optimization even on low settings. yet games chew on cpu and memory like they’re google chrome evolved. like the game looks as good as battlefront 2, yet runs worse. but that’s just the thing, isn’t it? half baked games, filled with monetization, a bp and shop… the new trend, just after loot boxes… gotta love it


The frame rate is fairly consistent if you set a minimum fps, triggering the adaptive resolution. Without it, it becomes a choppy mess. I measure something between 60 and 78 fps, but the frame timing is what is really off. Even when I put everything on low I get the same jittery stutter, especially on quick horizontal movement while looking. Looking around slowly and everything is smooth. Weird!

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I’m happy with the performance in arenas but man it needs work in BTB and especially campaign.

I don’t understand how this game is even running on the original Xbone when my PC isn’t completely blowing it out of the water.

The minimum framerate option doesn’t seem to help anything for me and no matter what I set it too I’ll often go below that target framerate. During the campaign I set the max and minimum framerate to 60 and I would still get frame drops to 50 despite the fact that if I were to unlock the framerate I would end up between 70 and 100.

The stuttering and hiccups in certain areas of the campaign hurt my soul and was the entire reason for me keeping things locked to 60fps so I could help mitigate it and they still occurred even if it was less often.

I suspect that the frametiming is off even because when I played games that were capped at 60fps they felt much smoother than 60fps in this game. 60fps here barely feels acceptable but normally 60fps feels good to me

Not having a dedicated fullscreen mode really blows and it also sucks that we don’t have resolution options. I’d be totally fine with lowering my resolution a little so I could get better performance but it seems that we’re stuck with our native resolution


When it’s done or at least close to being done. Most companies can’t just snap their fingers and have fixes just suddenly ready to go.

Using the minimum FPS setting literally enables DRS and it’s a terrible solution, the game drops from 1440p or whatever native resolution you use to 720p just to maintain the chosen target FPS, the fact that high end PC’s should even have to consider using this is mind blowing to me.


Optimization definitely needs work in several key areas, but to be fair; Borderless fullscreen performance in DX12 is almost identical to exclusive fullscreen (based on vigorous performance/user data ), but with the added advantages of not needing for example OSDs having to hook into the process. Or being able to alt-tab without interrupting it which can cause a fair share of issues otherwise. With that said though exclusive fullscreen would probably help solve some HDR related issues it currently has.

What would be nice is if they at least acknowledged the state of the game on PC and gave us some insight on that via Twitter in the same way they keep us updated about matchmaking issues…
Of course it takes time to fix a lot of things and it’s super hard to estimate how long it might take, but a week - with an update released during it - without any word on the high profile campaign that most of us is more interested in is a letdown. Especially after spending a handful of hours in it realizing that you don’t want to continue due to it’s performance. Mechanically I’ve honestly had more fun in Infinite during my playtime so far than I have in 2 and 3.


I am able to run 100+ fps on a 2560x1440p monitor with a 2080ti on high settings consistently. :man_shrugging:


1440p is nothing for a 2080ti, you can push that resolution higher and still get consistent fps

Are we talking single player or multiplayer?

I’m getting a steady 120fps at 1080p with 6-8 year old components that were top of the line in multiplayer on medium settings.

I know nobody cares but forcing sli with 2 1080 ti 11gb cards gives great results. Sli AA is great for campaign. Additionally, the compatibility bits used for mcc work nicely with afr.

i9 9900k, RTX 2080ti. 144hz 1440p monitor with g-sync.

I get meh frame rates. The biggest issue I have is that if my fps doesn’t reach the max fps of the game (or my monitors refresh rate if max fps is set to unlimited), the game stutters like crazy and makes it feel like I’m playing on 20fps. This is with g-sync on OR off.

In order to play the game, I need to set my max fps to something that my game can consistently reach. So I have everything on low, render resolution to 1080p, and max fps to 100. Then my game is smooth with the occasional hiccup when it dips below 100.

This is a very poor experience.

Infinite supports SLI?

You can force sli on any game with the Nvidia profile inspector.

Ah gotcha, my apologies. Got excited for a minute.

In the campaign while outdoors? Actually rendering in 1440p? I assume you use DRS?

The campaign definitely is a struggle to run smoothly thats for sure

I’ve only recently got a new mid-range rig and whilst largely it plays OK, I think last few days performance is actually getting worse. Like someone above I’ve tried to lock it to 60fps and moved almost all settings to low (performance is way way more important to me than graphics) and it still drops below 60 pretty regularly.

I have an original Xbox One that I chose not to play it on cos of the frame rate issues during the flight- I cannot believe the ‘full game’ (lol) is even playable.

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