When will pc be able to play reach?

When will i be able to play halo reach on my pc?

Sometime later this year. The final version doesn’t have a release date yet.

In my opinion, probably in a couple of months. Maybe in late 2019, since the Halo Games usually release in around the months of September, or November. Then again, this is basically an Edit to the game, but games in MCC like the Anniversary Editions Look better. So, it may take some time to update game’s features, and such.

At the same time Xbox can I imagine which (hopefully) will be before the end of the summer.

Flighting hasn’t started yet but will be starting soon. When the test flights have ended and the game is in a stable enough state, then it will be time to launch it on to PC. To keep up to date with when things are scheduled to rolll out for testing, keep an eye out on the Insider forum pinned threads. Dates for the final releases will very likely be posted in the news section closer to the time that things are ready to launch