When will MCC stats be fixed?

Hi everyone the stats since May 2020 seemed to be bugged. This has never been fixed, my total multiplayer kills are short 15,000+ kills on website vs what I actually have on MCC. I would really love to get this fixed as I love Halo MCC just frustrating to see my stats kills/wins not anywhere accurate. Could some mod or someone at 343 address this? Or direct me to someone who may have the power to correct my stats. I look forward to hearing from you. My gamertag is “iii eagle iii”

Please help!


I’m happy to see another fellow Eagles fan here! Does halotracker.com still keep up with MCC stats? If so, go there to view detailed stats. I know that they recently discontinued their legacy game stat pages but MCC shouldn’t have been affected.

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Yeah it’d be great if all these issues in game and on site are fixed.

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It use to along with mccstats, both which actually had my kills accurate. Now both sites stopped tracking it seems. But yes i have 100K kills on MCC but on halo waypoint app and website it is saying 86k which is no where close. So frustrating to see all that time played not even count. GO BIRDS!

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Sounds like the API in general is down / not-responding? Hope this gets visibility, drives me crazy to see the stats outdated.


Yes It’s like 15,000 kills never happened. I wish this could get adjusted and corrected. It is driving me crazy like you said. It’s been not correct since May 2020.

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Yes January 2022 and still my stats are still way off. So frustrating.

Fly eagles fly … there was a number of problems with Mcc stats uploading to waypoint in 2020. There was months where the stats weren’t being recorded. The wins achievements weren’t tracking for a long time which was annoying. I think waypoint also combined customs and regular matchmaking as well.


It’s going to be a rough Sunday afternoon but beating Brady in the postseason isn’t anything new to us.

Sucks that this happened to you, with this game still being current it’s hard to believe that stat gathering wouldn’t have been working for such a long period of time. Even over ten years after its launch Reach stats were still uploading correctly. I can’t recall exactly when they stopped updating but I think it was either very late 2020 or early 2021 and I was quite ticked off as my career multiplayer k/d was stuck at 1.99 even though I would easily have had it over 2 with the games played after tracking randomly stopped. At this point I doubt they will ever update for you.

E A G L E S Eagles!

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Just couldn’t get it done this go around. Hopefully these three 1st round draft picks are but to good use! Fly Eagles Fly!

Oh man the 1.99 would drive me crazy. And yes seems to me that it will never update at this point. I’ve tried messaging mods but never have received a reply back. You would think it would be pretty simple to link your total kills and deaths to a website?

That game was just brutal to watch, still can’t believe they kept putting both Jalens out there…

I always played to win and as such took tens of thousands of “needless” deaths in objective games which came up quite frequently in my favorite playlist multi-team and also my next choice rumble pit. The 1.99 is annoying but the high win percentage is what I was going for.

The stats not uploading would really tick me off, maybe at some point they randomly will. The same happened back in the day on Reach but eventually they would upload all at once and shift the leaderboards a bit…hopefully that’s the case here.