When will Master Chief die

What are you guessing/thinking

Spartans. Never. Die.

he won’t in halo 5. maybe in halo 6.

Forerunners live to be thousands of years old.

“Flys away”

Didn’t you know?
Heroes Never Die?

He’s not going to die. 343i said they weren’t just going to remove Master Chief’s helmet so you see his face and he’s all humanized and he dies right away. Which means that this game they might reveal his face at the end, but not kill him since that would be too soon.

Spartans Never Die. Only Missing in Action

The real question here is why you stopped at six cutscenes. Six cutscenes, that’s enough for three missions.

Will they give us maybe 2 branching story lines and the player choses who dies? I get how that would screw up the Halo cannon BIG TIME, as some people would have a dead MC and some a Locke (common… let’s be real… we would all kill Locke given that choice, lol)

But maybe they will do something like that… I mean look at the trailers… one with Locke and the upper hand the other with MC… food for thought!

343 has already said that Chief is not going to die in H5. At the earliest he will die at the end of H6 (thats assuming he dies at all).

I didn’t select anything… because I don’t think he is going to die in this game. Its the middle game in a larger story arc, so he can’t die here. They will probably kill him off when this larger story arc concludes in another couple of games.

I don’t think Master Chief will die. At least not yet. If they ever do kill him off, it certainly won’t be in Halo 5. Maybe Halo 6, maybe some later title in the franchise.

And I’m not saying people can’t have their own opinions, but I find myself disagreeing with all of this guy’s posts. He just assumes that MC is without a doubt going to die in Halo 5 and gave no option for “I don’t think he will die”. He also presumes to know just how many cutscenes Halo 5 will have. It’s 6, apparently (WTF).

Should they? No. (IMO)
Would they? I hope not.

As far as making money is concerned, it has to be in 343 and Microsoft’s best interest to keep John alive or at least not explicitly show his death. Chief sells consoles and creates hype. I don’t think a Halo without Chief could accomplish that.

I’m sorry, but this thread is stupid.

As others have said, John is the face of the Xbox. If he were to die, it would have to be at the right time and for the right reasons. I don’t see it happening though.

Spartans never die.

But please, don’t kill the Chief :’(

Die? Don’t you know? Spartans never die.

detonates warhead

I hope Master Chief doesn’t die in Halo 5 or 6. Master Chief is the face of Halo. Before all the universe, cannon, and several novels were released Master Chief was there. The first novel trilogy, the first game, always been a part of the side stories somehow typically. If Master Chief was killed off, Im not sure I would continue playing Halo, or really having anything to do with it. I wouldnt cut Halo off out of anger, but because if Chief’s journey ended, mine probably would too. Even if they start making game where he wasnt the main character (not side stories, actual Halo 7, 8 etc. which I probably wouldn’t play) I would keep reading novels and comics and other canon as long as it had something to do with him. Not a mention of his name, but a big part of the story. And I’d rather have the machine of few words but strong actions than one that starts making speeches and getting emotional all the time.

Are we talking about the Guardians? because it’s pretty sure he wont die in H5.

Spartans never die. Their just missing in action