When Will EAC Support Be Enabled For Linux Users?

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On September 21st 2021, Epic posted a news story to Easy Anti-Cheat’s Dev Portal. This report details the ‘ease’ at which developers can now activate Linux support for EAC through the proton compatibility layer.

I come here after posting on the Steam discussion forums, seeking more information on the state of Master Chief Collection’s EAC status as it pertains to Linux users. There was no official response on the matter, except for a few brave souls who contacted customer support and received little in the way of answers.

It was suggested that other users might have more information on the subject, as indicated by members of the Customer Support Team.

Well, does anyone on Halo Waypoint have any new information to share?

If not, can we perhaps get an official response? Perhaps some date in the future when Linux users (of which there are many) will be able to play Halo MCC online as well? Some sort of timeframe or acknowledgement of the issue at hand?


I don’t have any information but would also appreciate a response.

+1, the game works flawlessly otherwise, but the EAC version is behind current and doesn’t take advantage of the recent changes in proton and EAC that allow it to function properly, so Online play is unavailable (which was the best and most memorable part imo)

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