When will customization have more freedom?

Currently customization is still incredibly restrictive especially when compared to the immediate predecessor i.e., Halo 5. We no longer get to choose what we want to use, what colors we want, what type of emblem color we want, or any type of armor per body. The armor per body (armor core) issue is only understandable in regards to Tenrai but the other two should be of no excuse.

343i has yet to address customization and how they artificially bottlenecked it yet in videos prior to the games release, they consistently bragged about the customization options we would get to have. I miss being able to make my spartan what I envisioned him to be along with a color choice that I felt suited him based on my own personal preference.

Unfortunately it is 2022 and yet armor colors are still restrictive where you can only choose preset patterns, basic armor colors are less vibrant and filled with scratches yet 10$ HCS skins are metallic and fully colored. I understand monetization but somethings should have a limit.

I feel like I am simply throwing this out to the ether with no hopes of this ever getting addressed or even adjusted but it is simply sad that I was able to choose and customize how I wanted my Spartan to be as early as Halo 2 and four Halos later I lose a basic feature that all multiplayer games with customization have i.e., making a character the way I (Player/Consumer) wants him to be.

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I can’t tell if you’re trying some revisionist history thing here or just not quantifying the points of customization that are available to the player.

Halo 5 let you choose 2 pieces of armor, 2 colors, an emblem and an emblem color scheme for a total of 6 customization points. (Without going into the total choices within these categories)

Halo Infinite gives you well over 20 points of customization for your Spartan alone. (Without going into the total choices within the categories)

Not saying that Infinite isn’t restrictive (as it is in many many ways), but Halo 5 as far as customization went was a horrid representation of the personalization aspects of a Halo title.


You cannot choose what armor you want to wear because armor cores are a thing and each armor core restricts what you are able to put on that particular armor. You get more options in halo infinite in terms of equippable armor pieces as long as they again do not interfere with said armor core restriction.

You just repeated my point that in halo 5 you were able to choose your color for your emblem (armor as well) that feature is no longer present in halo infinite as you are bottlenecked into color presets which are devoid of any freedom players had in previous halos.

Your main argument against this post is that you get plenty of individual armor pieces you are able to choose from as a form of customization and that is awesome but does not in anyway refute what I stated i.e., comparing restrictions of halo infinite to options we once had.

So yes 343i did restrict customization for halo infinite when compared to halo 5 and it is as simple as rereading what you said about color options which as of now is a restriction that was added. You can’t say halo 5 was restrictive with customization when that function was not implemented by 343i and the only game prior to halo 5 that had similar customizations to halo infinite, would be halo reach a bungie made game.

In Halo reach you could equip all sorts of armor and effects with no restrictions to what color you were able to choose so that also knocks off the rest of your points.


Separate cores aside, there are still more individual customization points within each individual core than there is in the entirety of Halo 5, period.

Customization points

Halo 5 Customization Points:

  1. Helmet (127)
  2. Armor (127)
  3. Gender (2)
  4. Primary Color (60)
  5. Secondary Color (60)
  6. Visor Color (63)
  7. Emblem 297
  8. Emblem Primary Color (60)
  9. Emblem Secondary Color (60)
  10. Assassination (I’ll be generous and include this just to make a point) (28)
  11. Service Tag *

(2.1902690646144e+17‬ total customization permutations, hell it would’ve had far less if 343 didn’t pad the color palettes halfway through the game’s lifespan)

Halo Infinite Customization Points:

  1. Core (3)
  2. Armor Kit (5 MKV) (9 MKVI)
  3. Armor Coating (23 MKV) ( 47 MKVII) (14 Yoroi)
  4. Helmet (11 MKV) (9 MKVII) (4 Yoroi)
  5. Helmet Attachment (14 MKV) (15 MKVII) (5 Yoroi)
  6. Visor Color (7 MKV) (16 MKVII) (8 Yoroi)
  7. Chestplate (12 MKV) (11 MKVII) (2 Yoroi)
  8. Left Arm (10 MKV) (13 MK VII) (5 Yoroi)
  9. Right Arm (10 MKV) (13 MK VII) (5 Yoroi)
  10. Handplate (2 MKV)
  11. Wrist (5 MKV) (2 MKVII)
  12. Thigh Accessory (3 MKV) (6 MKVII) (4 Yoroi)
  13. Knee Guard (4 MKV) (4 MKVII) (3 Yoroi)
  14. Emblem (69)
  15. Emblem Color Scheme *
  16. Armor Effect (3)
  17. Effect Set (3)
  18. Body Type (3)
  19. Left Arm Prosthesis (4)
  20. Right Arm Prosthesis (4)
  21. Left Leg Prosthesis (2)
  22. Right Leg Prosthesis (2)
  23. AI Model (6)
  24. AI Color (9)
  25. Service Tag *
  26. Voice (8)
  27. Nameplate (38)
  28. Backdrop (16)
  29. Palette Color *
  30. Spartan Stance (28)

(1.565370984765063e+22‬ customization permutations on just the MKV core alone, that’s not factoring the other two cores in)

Halo Infinite has three times more customization points than Halo 5 flat out.

(Points vary in terms of options, no real accurate or generalized way of providing a quantified result*)

I didn’t repeat anything, I simply used both single colors you could choose from as an example of the few points of customization you can choose from in Halo 5. You provided the example, I used it against your argument :man_shrugging:

I never suggested that Halo Infinite was somehow not restrictive, I suggested that it offered more points of personalization than Halo 5 had at the end of its life. Both games are incredibly restrictive in their own respective ways. Halo Infinite in its restriction on acquisition of parts, color scheme locks and core locks, and Halo 5 in its incredibly limited scope of personalization.

Being able to choose two colors in Halo 5 doesn’t make Halo 5 any less restrictive than Halo Infinite where you can’t, but have access to 29 other ways of personalizing your Spartan where you only have 8 more in Halo 5.

You’re talking about the player’s ability to choose 2 colors as somehow being justification for only allowing the player to choose two pieces of armor in Halo 5, and saying that it somehow negates 29 other points of customization in Halo Infinite.

Halo 4 had a customization system that nearly mirrors Reach’s, more customization points than Halo 5, and has more total possible customization permutations than Halo 5 did, and it’s a 343i game too…

So you are playing the revisionist history game lol.

It doesn’t negate anything :rofl:

My point was very simply suggesting that Halo 5 was incredibly limited in customization scope compared to Halo Infinite, which it is.

Does it really matter how many options there are exactly? Holding back basic colors that used to be available is just scummy.

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For the sake of context, yes.

Much like how fans were upset that you only got 2 choices for armor customization, and the inability to customize your emblem (until it this part was added in later).

Halo 5 had less customization than Halo Infinite.

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All Halos were restrictive to be honest. But, they should be progressing toward freedom and new expressive features. Infinite’s customization is so criticized that they don’t even mention how we must use an emblem from a select few ugly emblems. Even Halo 2 (15 years ago?) let us express our identify through some layering and color options.

Progress should be freeing us from restriction, but it’s doing the opposite.


One thing I would like to see (at least for the Mark V helmets) is a way for us to use multiple helmet attachments. I feel like they could be separated into left, right, top, and bottom piece.

As an example, the Commando helmet can equip the Hardened Uplink Module on the right side, the Command Network Module on the left side, CBRN pipes on the bottom, and an Up-Armored piece on top.

I can’t say exactly how it would work for each and every helmet in all the cores. This is just one example where armor customization is arbitrarily limited (kind of the like the limitations of armor coatings for armor cores).

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Just one thing I kinda miss in the customization: armor effect colors. Some of them (battle pass to be more specific) are awesome, also the current event effects are cool, specially the mohawk… and it would be waaaay cooler if it had another colors, since it doesn’t match with any of my armor colors (I am applying it with mark V using Eva [C] helmet).

It would be cool to use multiple armor effects at once as long as they don’t overlap.

Edit: since I can no longer edit my original post, I must include that Halo 5 had 12 points of personalization and not 11.

  1. Stance (21)

Bringing the total to 4.59956503569e18 total customization permutations, still less than MKV in Halo Infinite.


I dunno how exactly what I said was bait or missing the point, please elaborate your stance.