When we asked for individual store items we didn't mean this

You know I was actually looking forward to this week. I’ve been waiting for the firefall bundle as it was one of the few bundles I wanted to buy but 343 just seems to want us to not spend money on their store with the absolutely baffling decisions they make.

If you are going to split up bundles for us AT THE VERY LEAST include everything that was in it as daily’s that week. Don’t just take one thing out of a bundle and slap it on the store alone drip feeding what was once all a weekly over a month+.

What would have made more sense would have been to maintain the bundle systems and then have the option within the bundle to pick which items you want for separate prices. That’s honesty a better temporary solution than the tomfoolery 343 is pulling this week.

Finally 700cr for a single helmet is really bad since it is not only overpriced but forces you to buy 1000cr. We aren’t blind 343 you need to have more reasonable prices for individual cosmetics. I get that you’re trying to see what you can get away with but this isn’t working.

I swear it’s like whomever is the final decision maker when it comes to pricing of these items has never heard the term, “you catch more flies with honey then you do with vinegar”. In other words stop being greedy. The player base has money, wants to spend that money but we’re mostly not 13 yr old with mommy’s purse and even then, all of us just are not willing to blinding rip our selves off.

343i stop the drip feed B’s, put more items in the store, lower the price and I promise my wallet will open up.and so will many others. It’s not that hard.

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